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How to Size a Maverick Hat

Maverick Hats shares its deepest secret...
if a cowboy hat or any shapeable hat is too large you can overcome that problem with sizing tape.

(Here's the secret part:  it's weather stripping.  Buy it at Home Depot or Lowes.  The 3/4 inch width works best.)

Start by cutting a strip about 2 inches long and stick it to the hat underneath the inside elastic sweat band with the sticky side to the hat and the paper side to the sweat band.

Keep adding small lengths of tape until the hat feels tight enough. Once you get it tight enough, peel the paper off and press down so it sticks to the hat and the sweatband.  It's comfortable and invisible.  If the hat does not slip around on the head it fits right.

If it is a little too tight, pull a piece of sizing tape back out.

OR If the cowboy hat hurts or is too tight, you can slit the seam of the elastic sweat band.  This will loosen the hat up about 1 inch or 1 size.
Sizing tape for shapeable hat
Sizing tape is used to make a cowboy hat smaller
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